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Our Services

We develop and market you (and what you do).

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Brand consulting

We are your stage coach, happy to stand in the wings as you take centre stage with your authentic online presence.

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Websites / Apps

An intelligently designed online existence will connect you to your audience, showcasing what you offer so that you can put your best foot forward.

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Community building

Relationships are the glue of life - let us help you be the adhesive to your substrate (are we taking this analogy too far?).

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High end visuals

Imagery says so much more than words - captivate with our custom high-res photography, as well as our network of illustrators.

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Audio / Video

Crisp and clean soundwaves will tickle your audience's ears (in a good way, of course), while professional video will keep them coming back for more.

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Whether it's to educate, entice, or elucidate, the right words are anything but generic - let us help you find your voice.


A sampling of a few of our public facing projects around the web.

Offset By X Icon

Offset By X
Adobe Lightroom Classic plugin

A plugin for applying relative value edits to a batch of selected photos in Adobe Lightroom Classic. Optimize the photo editing workflow as you hone your personal style. A free trial version is available.

This plugin is written in LUA to be cross-platform (fully Mac and Windows compatible), with an online validation system developed using PHP to provide a web service that verifies payment/registration to unlock its full features.

Visit the Offset By X website

Mediation Services Icon

Mediation Services
Content Creation and Tech

We provide broad support for Mediation Services, a non-profit (est. 1979) focused on conflict resolution and court diversion.

Online, we craft custom evergreen online content (articles, illustrations) based on their established training expertise. Internal support has included database migrations, in-house and web server migrations, network rebuilding, security response, CRM establishment, and more.

Visit the Mediation Services blog

Fujifilm Toolkit Icon

Fujifilm Toolkit
Adobe Lightroom Classic plugin

A plugin to bridge the metadata gap between Fujifilm cameras and Adobe Lightroom Classic. Easily load in-camera star ratings, chosen film simulations, running shutter count, and more into a Lightroom catalog. A free trial version is available.

This plugin is written in LUA and utilizes cross-platform Perl scripts, with an online validation system developed using PHP to provide a web service that verifies payment/registration to unlock its full features.

Visit the Fujifilm Toolkit website

www.adrienneshum.com Icon

Custom website and content creation

A customer-centred platform for a yoga instructor alongside livestream and online course video production. This long-term collaboration has resulted in an authentic showcase that seamlessly funnels in connections and revenue.

"David has made it so simple (and beautiful!) for me to share what I have to offer. Students both new and old can easily get in touch, allowing me to focus on doing what I love most, which is to teach yoga."

-Adrienne S.

Visit Adrienne's website

Idea Spark Icon

Idea Spark
iOS app

Whatever your medium, the Idea Spark iOS app makes starting projects fun and easy by randomly generating short phrases to activate your imagination.

Idea Spark's interface couples bespoke illustrations with clean and simple design coded to dynamically scale, meaning it looks good on any device. This conscientious approach embodies what the app aims to inspire: uniqueness in a world where much is the same.

Visit the Idea Spark website

www.davidquiring.com Icon

Photography and writing online hub

The epicentre of a multimediographer who specializes in weaving together words and imagery that synthesize themes of travel, contempation, and culture. Custom designed to best showcase an extensive photography portfolio, the understated look belies the richness of the website's content.

This online calling card also serves to connect David's audience to his newsletter, Intersections, where they can experience more intimate and candid versions of his work.

Visit David's website

About Us

Quality over quantity in all ways, always.

It is our belief that to be good at one’s work, one has to be good at living. Here in our little corner of the internet we are well versed in both of these areas, always striving to learn and draw upon our homegrown talents in the work that we do. While our academic backgrounds are a foundation, what we know goes a long ways beyond what is taught in the classroom.

As a motley crew with diverse specialties, our intrepid leader David Quiring taps us in for projects as needed. Our goal is to continually strive for the perfect blend of function and aesthetic, resulting in a seamless experience for you and your audience to enjoy. To us you aren't just another client; you are unique and the work we do to represent you should be too.

In a nutshell, that's who we are. We'd love to hear a bit about you too. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries as you embark on your next project.


Let's get to know each other.